FINECS Vietnam offers Japan's manufacturing
technology and quality from Vietnam.

Japan lever quality
and technology

Profile grinding machine - equipment for machining complex shapes

Know-How of grinding and electrical discharge machining

Terminal for connector
(Press & Surface treatment)

Complete die set production, processing of vehicle parts
is possible

Press terminals / stamping press terminals (electronic component terminals, connector sensor terminals, etc.)

Parts processing line

Supports processing
from both
press-fit wire
material and sheet material

The Issues We Solve.

・Want to process metal

・Want to do press work

・Want to manufacture mold and jig 

・Want to manufacture electronic components

High-quality Metal Processing

FINECS Vietnam provides fabricated metal parts used in automated machines, various equipment, and molds, as well as fabricated metal press products used in automotive sensors and various electronic components.

FINECS Vietnam will take care of procurement from overseas and from Vietnam for metal parts processing, machine parts processing, precision parts processing, mold parts processing, carbide processing, press processing parts, etc.

Press Work of Automotive Quality

FINECS Vietnam manufactures precision stamped metal terminals used in automobile sensors. We manufacture products with in-vehicle quality. Also, when we get the request of mold repair, we are able to immediately process parts in the factory. The manufacturing process is managed and operated under ISO 9001:2015.

In order to ensure quality that can withstand the demands of in-vehicle parts, we set target values for safety, quality, cost, production, and human resources using the five major Toyota management boards, and we are making improvements on a daily basis through visualization. We are striving for stable quality manufacturing by managing abnormalities and changing points.

We seek stable quality in our self-contained processes, and strive to offer affordable prices for quality, low prices, and value for our customers. For production, we have implemented SAP, a core production information system, in order to realize scientific manufacturing based on numbers.

Mold/Jig Manufacturing

FINECS Vietnam manufactures press dies and molding dies. We handle all the process from designing to parts processing and assembly in our company.

We have experience in the production of molds and jigs for electronic parts, parts for multifunction printers, jewelry-related parts, stationery-related parts, sports shoes, and healthcare.

At present, we mainly provide services to clients in Vietnam, but we will also consider to support those who want us to procure products overseas from Vietnam. We strive to keep our prices low and affordable for high quality and high precision.

Electronic Component Manufacturing

Funabashi Village in Toyama Prefecture, where our Japan headquarters factory are located, is the smallest village in Japan.

PGA terminals for PC CPUs manufactured in this smallest village in Japan have achieved the largest share in the world.

We will continue to aim to be "the best in the world in the smallest village in Japan" and create "new values" that are useful to society by mastering heading processing, complex processing, and automation.

Continuous pin insertion machine for press-fit pins FINESERT®

■Features of the continuous pin insertion machine "FINESERT® Lite"
Electric cylinder insertion head
Insertion height adjustment can be set by numerical input. Height adjustment is not required when switching between products with different pin lengths.

Electric cylinder pin feed
The pin feed length can be set by entering a numerical value. This makes it easy to switch pin types with different lengths.

Touch panel
You can select the product type.
Continuous operation can be continued from any position.
The insertion position (X, Y) can be entered on the touch panel.

※"FINESERT® Pro" with customized specifications is also available.

FINECS Vietnam's Products

Metal Processing
Mold/Jig Manufacturing
Electronic Component Manufacturing
Continuous pin insertion machine

Mold/Jig Manufacturing

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