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With the development of information and communication technology and the IOT (Internet of Things) society, sensors are increasingly being used in a variety of products, including home electronics, automobiles, and industrial equipment.

【Sensor types】

There are many different types of sensors in modern society.

Optical sensors : infrared sensors, proximity sensors, irradiation sensors, radiation sensors, ultraviolet sensors, laser sensors, etc.

Mechanical quantity sensors : pressure sensors, acceleration sensors, angular rate sensors, rotation sensors, impact sensors, displacement sensors, strain sensors, etc.

Temperature and humidity sensors : temperature sensors, humidity sensors, etc.

Magnetic current sensors : magnetic sensors, current sensors, etc.

Chemical sensors : gas sensors, sensors for detecting specific chemical substances, ion sensors, etc.

Biometric sensors : taste sensors, electroencephalogram sensors, smell sensors, pulse wave sensors, etc.

【Automotive sensors】

A variety of sensors are used in automotive applications.

Speed sensors, steering sensors, steering angle sensors, acceleration sensors, obstacle sensors, anti-collision sensors, fire detection sensors, air bag sensors, door lock sensors, door open/close sensors, air pressure sensors, gasoline level sensors, lamp-out sensors, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, seat belt sensors, occupant detection sensors etc.

We provide precision stamped terminals used in the electrical connections of the signal sensors used in one of these sensors. We are currently shipping mass-produced in-vehicle sensor parts to various parts of Asia and have accumulated a track record of in-vehicle press-worked parts. We provide high quality and stable stamped parts that are required for automobiles.

There are many sensor products that consist of pressed terminals and resin moldings that are integrally molded into a sensor case, and we provide an integrated set of these products, from precision press work to integrally molded assembly, processed in-house. We can provide products for automotive, consumer electronics, and medical healthcare applications. Please contact us for details.

 Reference Standard

Plate thickness t=0.05mm~, Tolerance ±0.005mm~


Brass, Cu alloy, phosphor bronze, Corson alloy, Inconel, etc.


Plating and surface treatment are available upon request.

※ For more details regarding the specifications of press-formed sensor parts, we are available by phone, e-mail, and web meeting.

Please feel free to contact FINECS Vietnam if you require any further information.

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