About FINECS Vietnam

What does FINECS Vietnam do ?

Electrical component manufacturing and Machinery parts processing (metal processing) .

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How about language support? Do you provide support in English, Japanese, and Vietnamese?

Yes. We provide support  in English, Japanese and Vietnamese by phone, email, web meeting etc.

Do you support exports?

Yes. We provide exports both electronic and mechanical parts processing to Japan, China, ASEAN countries, and other countries around the world.

How do you develop human resources?

We provide FINECS (Japanese) style training in both processing technology and quality management.

We provide specialized training for inspectors after they join our company.

There is also a system whereby trainees who have interned at FINECS (Japan) can work at FINECS Vietnam after returning to their home countries after completing three years of training, utilizing their experience and skills, leading to improved quality.

Do you provide online business meetings?

Yes, we do. FINECS Vietnam provide services to our clients in Vietnam, Japan, ASEAN, India, America, Europe, etc. all over the world.

We usually have online meetings by TEAMS of Microsoft Inc.

Also, we can join Zoom and Google Meet as well if you invite us.

English, Vietnamese and Japanese is available for all meetings.

Questions about the electronic components manufacturing business

What kind of electronic components do you manufacture?

We mass-produce pressed terminal parts for automotive (in-vehicle) sensors using a 60-ton press machine. We also have a vacuum heat treatment furnace, automatic measuring instruments, and automatic washing machines. Since that, we are working on self-manufacturing to reduce quality variation with as little manual labor as possible. We can also manufacture assembled electronic mechanical parts such as connectors and sensors using automated machines. Please contact us for details.

What kind of Press machine do you own?

We own 60-ton press machine We manufacture pressed parts for in-vehicle sensors.

We can provide additional parts as needed.

Have you obtained ISO certification?

We have acquired ISO 9001 2015 certification. We manufacture electronic components (pressed products) for automobiles. Since FINECS (Japan) manufactures in accordance with IATF16949, we can also provide IATF-compliant manufacturing.

Do you have enough space and production capacity to handle production?

Yes, we do. There is still space available. Staffing will be handled through recruitment. Support from other departments is also available. Please contact us for details.

Is it possible to do assembly work for electronic components?

Yes. We can manufacture electronic components using automated machines. We will consider assembly of various electronic mechanical parts such as connectors, sensors, and switches upon consultation with you. Support from FINECS (Japan) is also available for mass production start-up. Please contact us for details.

How do you maintain the mold maintenance system for press parts?

The wear status of the dies is controlled by the number of press production (shots), and preventive maintenance is performed. In addition, die parts can be newly manufactured and reground by our in-house machine parts processing department. Since the mold parts are manufactured in-house, we have a system in place that allows us to respond quickly to minor adjustments and repairs and replacements of mold parts. With this system, we are now stably mass-producing electronic components for in-vehicle use.

How long is the delivery time?

After placing an order, we deliver the products to ASEAN countries, China, and Japan within 1-2 weeks by Air, and 2-3 weeks by Ship. We will consult with you on the terms and conditions for new orders.

Is there any other features other than that?

We are promoting "visualization" at the manufacturing site using the Toyota Motor Corporation's five major control boards and making improvements (KAIZEN) on the five terms: safety, quality, cost, production, and human resources with our leaders. By doing so, we try to improve quality, human resource development, and technical and maintenance capabilities.


In the manufacture of electronic components, we have installed Japanese equipment such as automatic measuring instruments (Keyence IM7025) and automatic washing machines. In terms of Electronic component manufacturing, we set up several different equipment made in Japan such as automatic measuring machines (IM7025 by Keyence) and automatic washing machines. By doing so, we maintain the products’ quality and applying automation systems. We believe that leads to improve our reliability for our clients.

Questions about the machine parts processing business

What kind of processing is available?

Processing of machine parts and mold parts are available.

Cutting, die drilling EDM, wire EDM, grinding, and heat treatment are available. For more information, please refer to our website.

What kind of materials is able to be processed?

Ferrous materials in general, special materials, aluminum, stainless steel, cemented carbide, resin, etc.

What is the maximum size able to be processed?

Cutting (machining)  Max.900mm×800mm

Grinding (plane grinding) Max. 800mm×400mm

Die-sinking discharge 900mm ×650mm

Wire discharge 600mm ×400mm

Can you handle small quantity orders?

Yes, we can. We accept orders from one piece. If the quantity is more than a few pieces, or if there is a repeat order, the productivity will be even higher. Therefore, we are able to offer products at more reasonable prices, and we are also good at such processing. Please contact us for a quote first.

How long is the delivery time?

: Average of 2 weeks in Vietnam, and about 3 weeks by air to Japan. Express delivery is also available.  Please contact us for details.

Can you help me even if I don't have a drawing?

Yes. We will take the dimensions from the actual product and create a drawing.

What is the processing accuracy?

It depends on the processing method as follows.

Cutting  ±0.03mm

Grinding  ±0.002mm

Wire discharge ±0.003mm

Die-shinking discharge ±0.005mm

How do you inspect?

Basically, we inspect all of them. (Calipers, micrometers, measuring microscopes, CMMs, etc.)

Do you use Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)?

Yes, we do.( Tokyo Seimitsu Inc.:XYZAX FUSION NEX、Mitsutoyo Inc.:CRYSTA APEX S544)

There are many companies which deal with processing components. What is the difference between your company and the others?

We control the temperature for high-precision processing. Processing with the methods, griding and electronic discharge is our specialty. Also, we are confident of our ability of cemented carbide.

There are also people with experience in Japan’s apprenticeship program working here. They contribute to our high-precision processing and quality improvement. Our mission is to provide Japanese quality processing from Vietnam.

Is it possible to visit the factory?

It is possible if you would like to discuss a specific project with us. Please feel free to contact us.

What happens when I get a defective product?

Currently, we have almost no defective products. In rare cases, dimensional defects might occur. When it happens, we will correct or remanufacture the product after confirming the details of the defect.  

I would like to order directly from Europe or the U.S., but I have a little bit worried about the delivery time and service.

We will consult with you by phone, email, or online meeting.

For further information, please contact us by the inquiry form.

Is it possible to process cemented carbide, difficult-to-cut materials, resin, etc.?

Yes, we can handle it. Cemented carbide processing is our specialty. We use reliable Japanese materials for carbide. We will consult with you separately about the delivery date.

Do you have experience exporting to Japan?

Yes, we provide services in the Kanto and Chukyo regions and throughout Japan. Our clients are in the automobile-related industry and industrial equipment-related industry. FINECS (Japan) is also using these products for its internal facilities, and we have enough experiences for that.

I would like to request not only parts processing but also assembly.   

We can also provide molds and jigs for assembly. Please contact us for details.

Micron precision mechanical parts in Vietnam
We process, manufacture and sell molds and jigs. Please feel free to contact us.

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