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In-vehicle electronic components

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We manufacture press-formed terminals used in electronic components for automobiles, which require high quality and stable production.

With the shift to electronics in automobiles, the importance of electronic components such as connectors and sensors is increasing.

Terminal terminals and connection components are used as electrical contacts in various electronically controlled mechanical components, such as automotive ECU electronics boards, motors, inverters, pumps, sensors, switches, and various module components.

FINECS Vietnam provides press-formed terminal parts by precision stamping of metal strips in accordance with customer requirements.

We can also provide press-fit terminals for automotive applications. Press-fit terminals for automotive applications are also available. Precision presswork is offered with the use of 30-to-60-ton presses. We have enough space in our factory to install 100-ton presses, so please contact us for details. In addition, we have in-vehicle electronic components that combine pressed terminals and molded resin for electronic mechanisms. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

 Reference Standard  Plate thickness t=0.05mm~, Tolerance ±0.005mm~

Brass, Cu alloy, phosphor bronze, Corson alloy, Inconel, etc. 

(Ferrous metals can also be considered, but we are better at non-ferrous metals.)


Plating and surface treatment are available upon request.

※For more details regarding the specifications of our precision stamped in-vehicle electronic components, we are available by phone, e-mail, and web meeting.

Please feel free to contact FINECS Vietnam if you require any further information.

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