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A press-fit terminal is a terminal pin that has a structure in which a terminal is press-fitted into a through hole on a board and has a holding force due to the springiness of the terminal shape. Originally, electrical connection is maintained by solder bonding and SMT mounting that also use reflow processing, but since the press-fit terminal is held only by its restoring force, it is possible to significantly reduce manufacturing costs such as reflow equipment costs and electricity costs. It is also a component that reduces the environmental load.

It has been used for consumer electronics such as personal computers for a long time, and recently it has been actively used for in-vehicle electronics parts mainly in Europe and the United States, and it is expected to be used more and more in the world in the future.

There are two types of press-fit terminals, one is pressed from metal wire and the other is pressed from metal strip. Since the press-fit terminal at the tip of the terminal needs to be springy, materials such as phosphor bronze are required. Is used. Both are available at NCXX Group. Finecs Vietnam can provide press-fit terminals mainly from press working. Press using a 30-60 ton press machine. Currently, we recommend the needle eye shape for the press fit shape. In addition, if there is a press-fit terminal shape or specification prepared by the customer, we will check whether it can be supported separately

 Reference Standard Plate thickness t=0.64mm, 0.8mm (t=0.5mm is available), Tolerance ±0.05mm~

We recommend C5191 (phosphor bronze), as the "springiness" of C5191's metallic properties allows it to maximize the holding power of press-fit pins.

C7025 (Corson copper) is also suitable for press-fit pin applications, as it has a higher electrical conductivity than C5191, making it a material that is attracting attention in the development of electronic components in the age of information and communication revolution.


Ni base + Sn reflow plating is common.

Plating and surface treatment in Vietnam are available upon request.

※For more details regarding press-fit parts (press work) specifications, we are available by phone, e-mail, and web meeting.

Please feel free to contact FINECS Vietnam if you require any further information.

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