Metal Processing


Aluminum is produced by extracting aluminum oxide from bauxite, the raw material, and electrolyzing it.
Aluminum is very light and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is used to improve the fuel efficiency of automobiles, railroad cars, and airplanes.
Also, it is used for engine parts and heat sinks due to its excellent heat dissipation.
Aluminum is one of the lightest metals and is very soft.
However, its strength may be insufficient for some applications.
To compensate for this weakness, aluminum alloys were created by adding other metals such as copper, manganese, and silicon to increase strength.
Depending on the type of metal added, aluminum alloys are classified into grades 1,000 to 7,000, then further classified according to their corrosion resistance, heat resistance, machinability, thermal conductivity, and other characteristics, so that they can be selected according to the application.

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