Electronic Component Manufacturing

In-vehicle Parts

FINECS Vietnam is entrusted with the processing and manufacturing of module parts and electronic mechanical parts (connectors, sensors, etc.) used in automobiles, as well as assembly operations.

We are currently mass-producing in-vehicle sensor parts with stamping and heat-treatment processes, accumulating technologies for quality control and mold maintenance required for in-vehicle products, and developing accomplishment. We are working on integrated production, which will lead to competitive proposals.

We manufacture in-vehicle components in accordance with IATF16949 management standards.

【Human resource development and improvement through five major management sites <KAIZEN >】

In terms of employee education, we use the five major management boards. One of the management methods is used by automobile manufacturers, to make daily improvements in safety, quality, cost, production, and human resources, and to develop human resources.

【 Self-processed manufacturing 】

Aiming at manufacturing that is self-contained, we continue our efforts to reduce the in-process defect rate by minimizing the variation in processing, to find defects in our own processes, not to cause inconvenience to subsequent processes, and to reduce the load on the inspection process of subsequent processes to the utmost limit.

We have established a system to prevent defects to the utmost limit through thorough daily management and change-point management.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality in-vehicle parts in a speedy manner.

Please leave it to FINECS Vietnam to consider outsourcing the manufacturing of automotive components. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email, and web meeting.

【 Five Quality Principles of FINECS Vietnam 】

1. Thorough implementation of one-by-one flow based on standard work

2. Inspection on the spot.

3. Maintain daily control and carefully check for any changes.

4. If an abnormality is found, stop the line and take measures to prevent the cause.

5. If in doubt, go back and check, and return to check for the made products.

Micron precision mechanical parts in Vietnam
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