Electronic Component Manufacturing

Electronic components OEM
(connectors, sensors, switches, inspection probes, etc.)

FINECS Vietnam is entrusted with the OEM manufacturing of electronic mechanical components such as connectors, sensors, and switches, which require high precision and high quality.

Our company manufactures precision mechanical parts and automotive press parts in-house, and by manufacturing electronic parts. We can create a synergy effect that will lead to customer satisfaction. We will establish a production system with Japanese and Vietnamese engineers.

FINECS VIETNAM's Strengths in Electronic Component OEM Manufacturing

Integrated production of processing

Integrated production from press-worked products reduces lead time and facilitates quality feedback, resulting in high quality and competitive manufacturing.


In-house production of machined parts

In-house cutting, electrical discharge machining, and grinding and polishing of precision machine parts and mold parts enables speedy replenishment of consumable parts and a strong maintenance system.

Vietnamese engineers with strong technical skills

Realization of stable, high-precision manufacturing by Vietnamese employees who are good at precision processing and work.

Achievements in Automotive Components

FINECS Vietnam is accumulating maintenance and performance experience in the production of in-vehicle electronic components with high quality requirements.

Japanese quality

We realize Japanese quality manufacturing with support and guidance from FINECS (Japan).

To increase our clients’ benefit by entrusting us with the manufacture of QCD-compliant electronic components.

If you are interested in OEM manufacturing of electronic components, please feel free to contact FINECS Vietnam by phone, email, and web meeting.

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