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At FINECS Vietnam Co.,Ltd. semiconductors, in-vehicle devices, printers, jewelry related products, etc.
We have records of manufacturing press dies in wide range of fields.

A press die is a die that is used by a press machine, and has a pair of upper and lower mold.
A plate-shaped material such as steel is pressed between a pair of upper and lower dies and from above and below with a press to deform (mold) the material and make a product.
Press dies include "drilling dies," "bending dies," "drawing dies," "compression dies," etc.
Production methods include "single-shot type", "progressive type", and "transfer type".
The components of the press die are "punch", "die", "die set", and "guide post".
It consists of "punch plate", "stripper plate", "backing plate", "die plate", etc.

Press dies are expensive to manufacture, but they can be mass-produced, there is little variation in quality, and stable press products can be produced.
Therefore, it is mainly used in a wide range of fields such as automobile parts, home appliances, and electronic parts.

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