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Press Mold


FINECS VIETNAM has experience in manufacturing press dies for a wide range of fields, including semiconductors, automotive, printers, and jewelry-related products.


Flow of press mold manufacturing

1⃣ Process Analysis

Press Mold Design Base on the products data receive from clients, we will seek to allocate the number of presswork and how to combine them. In order to save the cost and improve the productivity, we analyze the process from each point of view and determine a manufacturing process referring to the ideas we derived. After that, we carry out modeling of the molded shape by CAD system. If it passes the screening, design the molds with CAD system and generate drawings.



Base on the drawings, rough machining is performed using a milling machine or machining center. After that, heat treatment is performed and finishing is done using surface grinders and wire processing machines.


3⃣ Assembly

After finishing, the necessary parts are assembled into the upper and lower dies of the press mold.


4⃣ Test Drive

Finishing The assembled mold is tested and the accuracy of the product is rigorously checked. If there is a problem, the part is corrected and finished.


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